cages, caps and cowls

Cages, Caps & Cowls

Sometimes a chimney may require a cage, cap or cowl for protection:

  • To prevent bird entry and possible nesting in or between the chimney pots
  • To prevent rain entry to chimneys
  • To prevent down draughts
  • If a gas fire is installed (to guard against blockages causing carbon monoxide problems)
  • To prevent bird and rain entry to a disused chimney.

Fitting the correct type of cage, cowl or cap is very important or problems may occur as a result. With our years of experience, our Sweeps will assess the requirements and recommend the correct type for your particular situation.

We fit several different types of cages, caps and cowls designed to prevent rain, birds, bees and vermin from entering the chimney. It is best to let us know what you are trying to achieve and our Sweeps can recommend the most suitable option.

The Sweeps usually have sample cowls in their vans to show you. In most cases they will also be able to advise the price. We will then arrange another visit to install the correct cap or cowl to your chimney.

We fit the caps and cowls from a ladder wherever possible. This avoids using scaffolding or other specialised (and sometimes expensive) access equipment.

Prices can vary depending on the size of the chimney and design that you wish to have anything from 70-500euro fitted